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Floppy Fish™ Cat & Dog Toy

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The Floppy Fish
has been designed to

Relieve boredom,
encourage exercise,

...and provide your pets with
an interactive experience!
Yes! The Floppy Fish can be played by both dogs & cats. They also share the same benefits which includes, daily excercise, help with seperation anxiety, and dealing with boredom.
All Floppy Fish toys are automatically included with our 30 day warranty. If there are any issues with your Floppy Fish, contact us via hello@floppyfishy.com and we'll send you a free replacement.


Floppy Fish™

What are we about?

Take a look at why the Floppy Fish is a favorite among dogs & cats!


Fish Simulation

Healthy Excercise

by getting the energy out!


Flopping Speed

Floppy Fish Flopping Speed

Interactive & Simulative

playtime for hours
Floppy Fish Dog Toy Charging



Eliminate Boredom

& seperation anxiety


Always rechargeable and made with high quality cotton, The Floppy Fishy is here to stay. Interactive and fun, give your four legged friends the toy of their dreams. 

Ready for playtime

With The Floppy Fish?

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
New favorite toy

Currently, we are treating our kitty for self-mutilating behaviors. We are $700 into tests and the vet told us she needed enrichment because this looks to be boredom induced OCD. We picked this because it only activated when she interacted with it, it was chargeable, and it would active her hunting instincts (something she doesn't get to do in a 3rd story condo).This. Is. Awesome!!! For the first minute it freaked her out a little. Then came the killing. And then the parading through the house with her trophy. Then more killing. This is now her FAVORITE toy. Watching my teeny tiny cat walk through the hallways straddling and dragging a struggling fish is the highlight of my day. It charges FAST.

Helps with seperation anxiety.

I work 8 hours a day after the pandemic. My "pandemic" puppy is now grown attached to me & has a little bit of seperation anxiety. I've done the filling the Kong with peanut butter, new toys, etc but the floppy fishy probably has worked the best.

My little kookie has been playing with the fish so much that he can't wait till i charge it again. So happy to have this.

Shelby M.
Leaves them tired! I would recommend.

So far, so good… Makes them have super good naps because of the fun & long play with the flopy fishy. I have had no problems with it whatsoever and my dogs absolutely love it. Not just for a day, but over the last few weeks, both of them are still interested!!!!!! and that’s saying a lot because they're very picky and usually loses interest quickly.

I will get another one so they don't have to share. That's how much they love it!

Jennifer Mays
Your dog definitely wants this!

My border collie LOVES it! He hasn't put it down since I took it out of the box!


Well made and fun! Loved watching these flop around and my dog playing with them. Glad they have an off switch too, because hearing them flap around in the middle of the night is not the best.